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The NAF has been inundated with questions and interest about the new Khorne roster in the newly-released Cyanide game of Blood Bowl.

NAF committee members have been in contact with GW Licensing, the GW Design Studio and the team of Bloodbowlers that agreed the roster and we understand this:

* The GW Licensing Team were not happy to see all 24 of the tabletop-accepted teams in the latest edition of the released Cyanide game.

* GW Licensing were happy with Khorne as a potential replacement, but if used, they would have to adhere to certain stipulations on positionals and in that, it looked like it may cause balance issues.

* A team of experienced Blood Bowl volunteers (non-GW, non-Cyanide) was put together to agree the roster and attempt to resolve potential balance issues. The Licensing team then had final veto on said roster.

* The Design Studio themselves have no plans to update the CRP any time soon. And IF they do, the Khorne roster would not necessarily be included and not necessarily exist in its current version.

The NAF would like to explain that whilst Khorne are not an official addition to the CRP as yet and that there doesn’t seem to be a timescale for entry either, that they do represent an interesting new roster - albeit perhaps necessarily toned down from their Warhammer counterparts. It is a roster with plenty of modelling opportunities and one that doesn't appear to unbalance Blood Bowl. Therefore after a period of play-testing, this team may be added to the extra three approved teams (that make up the LRB6), making a potential 25th available roster for NAF-approved tournaments. No decision will be made in 2012 - Khorne will therefore not be a sanctionable race for NAF tournaments until further notice although Tournament Organisers are free to request NAF-approval for any ruleset they feel improves their tournament.

The NAF will scrutinise any further proposed new rosters or changes to the Blood Bowl rules (i.e. those not officially sanctioned in the CRP for tabletop Blood Bowl) in the same way as we have here.

Khorne Roster:

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